Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bruce, please . . . .

For the love of G*d Bruce, not the slide! You're looking like somebody's crazy ass drunk uncle at a bar mitzvah showing the kids how he used to do it back in the day. Please. Dignity.
Which gives me an opportunity to discuss how I have never been able to understand the appeal of Bruce Springsteen.
I've been to one of his concerts. I won't argue with you that the man does have a lot of energy. I give him total props for that. But it all sounds like march music to me. He's like the John Phillip Sousa of our generation.
One of my sons was watching TV with me one day, and "Born to Run," came on as a commercial bed or something, and he turned to me and said, "Mom, isn't that Meat Loaf?"
My point exactly.
Wuh. Wuh. Wuh. Wuh. Ohhhhhhhh . . . .