Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Deal

My husband doesn't like flying the American flag. He says it's a symbol of imperialism. But I'm a patriot, and for me, flying the flag is a symbol of my pride in this country and the principles upon which it was founded, in spite of the fact that they've sometimes been shabbily implemented or ignored. I believe in them. When I lived in Maryland, I flew the flag on national holidays, but when I moved to Virginia, since my husband's feelings were stronger than mine, I put the flag away. So, during the election, I made a deal with him. If Barack won the election, we'd fly the flag because it would represent the realization of something truly great in America. A potential fulfilled. So, here I am with our flag. This is one of the best deals I've made in a long time.


bkaslow said...

Hi Robin,
I love this! We flew our flag on all holidays when I was in growing up.
Right after 911, 81st street, one of the most tony blocks on the west side, if not one of the top in the city (for all the celebs and financiers who live on it a few republicans for sure, but many liberal directors actors and publishers), had AMERICAN flags suspended from all the awnings, all in exactly the same position, hanging down way above our heads as we walked under bathed in the light of the front entrances. It was stunning and awesome! There was no doubt about who we all were, AMERICANS!! All the doormen talk anyway, but everyone was out, walking dogs, etc. I will never forget it!!! Brava to you for making the deal and winning the day!!

bkaslow said...

Plus you look great standing in front of the flag!!!