Friday, July 30, 2010

The Benefits of the Slow Struggle

I really like Andrew Sullivan. His blog, The Daily Dish, is something I read every day. He's British, conservative, gay, HIV-positive. His thinking is reasoned and well-informed. I first started reading his blog during the election, because he always had something interesting and astute to say about Obama. He has some favorite topics, such as the torture tactics of the Cheney administration, gay marriage and rights, Sarah Palin, legalizing marijuana, and the lack of a viable conservative party in America. He also has a meme for Barack Obama -- "meep meep" -- which is the noise the Roadrunner makes when he's foiled the coyote once again. Sully is convinced, as am I, that Obama has mad Ninja skills that we mere mortals can only guess at. And that he's playing a long game, carefully strategized, not a short game for political advantage.
Here is a link to a recent post that puts the progress of Obama's promise of "change" into context.
Sometimes it takes someone who wasn't born here to understand and appreciate what we have and where we are going and why it just takes time to get there.
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Pam J. said...

I like him too. I first discovered that I liked his thinking in Oct 2001 when he published an article in the NYT magazine section entitled something like "Yes, this is a religious war." There didn't seem to be many people in my circle of friends and family who were of this point of view after 9/11. Andrew bolstered my own thinking and I was grateful to him for that.

Did you see his marijuana cartoon yesterday? Sweet, charming, and (sadly) mostly true.

Robin said...

I didn't see it, but a couple of months ago he had a running series of emails from people who smoke pot on a regular basis. People like you and me! Imagine!

cyradaria said...

These people who gripe about socialism and the collapse of America should read Keith Gessen's piece in the New Yorker about Moscow traffic jams and how the behavioral conditioning of the post-Soviet Russian person prevents any forward progress -- they are resigned to it because they are conditioned to be resigned to it -- and there's great accompanying video on the New Yorker site of Russians stuck in traffic jams.