Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Things That Are Wrong On Many Levels II

Returning to a previous topic that will sometimes be the source of ongoing posts, here is an example of something-that-should-never-be in McLean. It's so wrong on so many levels it's hard to believe it exists. But, yes, it exists on Old Chainbridge Road. It's a shop called THE PREPPY PINK PONY and it manages to combine two great WASP obsessions -- horses and deeply unattractive clothing.
At Christmastime, they put a Santa figure out on the front sidewalk and dress him in patchwork Lily Pulitzer.
The boxers pictured above act like a kind of WASP sartorial birth control. Nothing says sexy like underwear covered with Pembroke Welsh Corgis!
I would love to know who came up with the idea to put little repeated patterns of WASP-type activities and accoutrements on clothing. The first I ever saw it was in Connecticut, when I was a teenager and one of my friend's Dad's had red pants with little embroidered sailboats all over them.
And then something horrible happened in the world and it morphed into frogs, whales (thank you Vineyard Vines) martini glasses, and I swear I am not making it up, little pig heads wearing tophats and monocles.


Pam J. said...

"Nothing says sexy like underwear covered with Pembroke Welsh Corgis!"
Guffaw, guffaw.

cyradaria said...

You could make the argument that the underwear, which hopefully isn't visible to the observer and known only to the wearer, is preferable to totes and hats and belts and pants and ties, which can be fullly -- and painfully -- seen.

Glad you are blogging again.